Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Dinners

Wow, two turkey dinners in two days. On Thursday we were invited to President and Sister Casablanca's home for thanksgiving. Everyone shared and we had such great food including turkey, potatoes and gravy, dressing, yams and a pumpking flan which for me was to die for. Most of the American couples were there including President and Sister Hacking, President and Sister Casablanca, President and Sister Wakefield, the new temple president and his counselor President and Sister Villareal. President and Sister Hall of the CCM (MTC) also could come. Plus we had the regulars, Elder and Hermana Boulter, Elder and Hermana Chalmers, Elder and Hermana Lecke and us.
Then on Friday, Guillermo Velasquez invited us for another dinner. Two great meals!!!

President Casablanca is slicing the turkey.

Can you see how happy Mark is to begin his feast? We only get turkey usually once a year!

Sister Hall, Sister Wakefield and Sister Villareal

The Leckes work in the south mission office. Richard and Deana have become such good friends.

Guillermo Velasquez and his mother Gabriela invited us for a dinner on Friday for another opportunity to eat turkey. Their home was so beautiful. Gabriela is a beautiful talented lady. She designs exquisite dresses, and jewelery. We won't be eating for a week after getting stuffed.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lunch with friends from Alhambra ward

On Monday, November 7 was another festivo day and we were invited to lunch with the second counselor in the bishopric, Hermano Marcos Lozano, and his wife, daughter and niece of his wife. They also invited some friends from Nizza ward, the Trujillo family. We loved being able to relax and just talk. Both couples are young and it reminded us of being with our children. Paola is the older of the two girls and belongs to the Lozano family and Gabriela is the baby. I couldn't resist taking pictures of them.

Reunited in Bogota

About 4 months ago, we were surprised to learn that one of my former students that I taught at Bunderson Elementary was coming to our mission. Freddy Cannon arrived the end of October and we met him in the mission home the day after he arrived. He hasn't changed much in 9 years other than being taller and grown up. We enjoyed the visit and we will probably not see him again until he returns home. He is now serving in Bucaramanga.