Saturday, June 11, 2011

Food Experiences

We found this Italian Restaurant only a block from our apartment. The owner is from Sicily so the food is Sicilian. He has a display case with casserole dishes and you choose what you want and he puts it on a plate and microwaves it. The only problem is that it is sometimes not warm enough, but the flavors are great!

We see these stands occasionally on the streets so we stopped to try it. The pig is cooked for about 6 hours and then the meat is mixed with rice, peas, lentils and corn. The mixture is stuffed into the pig and they display it just like the pictures. Actually, it is quite good. This is typical of the food found in the department of Tolima, southwest of Bogota. "Buen Provecho!"

Dia Festivo Walk

On Dia Festivo a few of the main streets are opened for bicyclists to ride. They have bike repair places along the way and also stands with food, and drinks.

We loved this cathederal located about 25 blocks from our house.