Monday, December 26, 2011

Final time at our Favorite Mexican Restaurant

We wanted to visit our favorite Mexican Restaurant the day before we left. President and Sister Hacking, and Bill and Terry Boulter made it a special meal.

Farewell Barbeque with the Leaders of the Institute and their Families

This was another great way to say goodbye to all the leaders and administrators at the Institute and their families. We left with our hearts part Colombian!

Great food and Great Friends

Jaime Garcia doesb't eat much meat, so I think he is making a statement.

Torres Family

Gallego Family

Vega Family

Ospina Family

Pelaez Family

Sunday Fireside with our Institute Friends

On our last Sunday, we had a fireside with our students. We cried, we laughed as they showed us so much love and appreciation. We will never forget them.

Ana Melissa

Guillermo, David, and Ruben




Maria Isabel and Sergio

Ivan Felipe, Angie, and Diego

Lorena Betancourt

Diego and Camilla

Last get together with the couple missionaries

On the 4th of December we had a dinner with all of the couple missionaries. This was the last time we were all together. We will cherish our experiences and friendships with each couple.

President and Sister Hacking

The Boulters

the Hendersons

President and Sister Casablanca

The Chalmers

The Leckes

Mission Trip with President and Sister Hacking

To celebrate Sister Hacking's and Elder Peterson's birthdays on the 8th, President and Sister Hacking invited us for a mission trip to Villa de Leva, Paipa and Duitama. We loved seeing new places in our mission and it was so good to spend the time with President and Sister Hacking.

On our way to Villa de Leva we stopped at a puebla called Chiciquinra or something like that. The main cathederal had gorgeous stained glass windows.

This is the beautiful colonial city of Villa de Leva.

Waiting for the fireworks on the evening of the 7th of December.

We ate lunch at this beautiful hacienda near the hotel in Paipa.

We saw this amazing monument of one of the last battles for Independence close to Paipa. A guide was telling the story of the battle as we stood under the monument.

We again had the opportunity to stay in Paipa at a beautiful hotel with fantastic views.

We ended the trip with helping at a zone conference in Duitama. This was so fun to work with the missionaries. After the conference President fed them at a typical restaurant.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Institute Graduation

On November 26th was graduation for the Institute. We can't believe that this is our last official meeting with the students. Of all the things we have done on our mission, the relationship with these great young adults is what has meant the most to us. They have enriched our lives and we will never forget them.

We have become so close to these students. We loved having an opportunity to take our pictures with them.

This is Jorge and Sandra and they will be married in June or July. Felicitaciones!

We took pictures with many of our past students. Les querros mucho!

After the graduation meeting there is always a dance!