Friday, January 21, 2011

Our Bogota Neighborhood

We thought it would be nice to share pictures of our neighborhood here in Bogota.

Just a few blocks north of us is the monument called "Heroes" which honors the heroes of the revolution and Simon Bolivar. Our institute is called the Heroes Institute after this part of Bogota.
We shop at a little grocery store just a block away called "Romi". They have a wonderful butcher shop where we buy our meat and of course our Coke-zero!

Right across the street from the corner of our building is a stand that sells fresh squeezed orange juice in the mornings. We think he looks like Juan Valdez from the coffee commercials. He says "buenos dias" to us when we walk by and now we have become frequent customers. The juice is fantastic!
This is our building. Our apartment is on the sixth floor with the white blinds right next to the rail on the left side.
This is one of our guards (porteros) who keeps our building safe. His name is Silvaro. He is a real great guy!
This is Vicente, our custodian for our building. He does a great job keeping everything clean!

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  1. I love this post! It's so fun to see the neighborhood and the people Thanks Mom and Dad! I love you and miss you!~!!