Friday, July 22, 2011


We had some time off so we traveled to the state of Boyaca north of Bogota to visit the city of Tunja with William Valderrama and Lorena Betancourt. The road climbed higher into the mountains and we passed the beautiful countryside passing small farms, sheep, and fields of potatoes on our two hour ride. We were blessed to have a beautiful day even though it was a little cold. We loved to see another part of Colombia.

Tunja is a city of about 153,000 people. The main plaza is typical of cities in latin american with the church and government buildings. The monument in the center is of Simon Bolivar and this area is close to the place where the main battle for liberation took place. We also visited two museums that were homes of early Spanish rules and officials.

We visited Puente de Boyaca which is the battle site of Colombia's Independence. Simon Bolivar helped liberate Colombia from Spain in a battle here. This place has a special feeling, similar to Gettysburg.

This area near Tunja grows lots of potatoes.

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