Monday, October 10, 2011

Paipa Convention

We had the privilege of being invited to the convention for the directors of institutes and seminaries. We had a wonderful 3 days in the beautiful area of Colombia that is located high in the Andes. I love this area of Colombia, even though it can get quite cold.

On our drive to the convention we rode with Hermana and Hermano Vega and stopped at this beautiful little restaurant for breakfast that was located next to a small lake.

Our hotel was located on this lake. We were on the other side of the small town of Paipa. The hotel across the lake is the one President and Sister Hacking like to stay in when they are in this area.

Here are some pictures of the great hotel where we stayed. The Estelar hotel is probably one of the nicer places that we have stayed in, especially in Colombia.

I thought I would post the pictures for each couple that attended. These directors and their wives are remarkable people. We heard so many great presentations from each couple.

Walter and Yolanda Calderon live in Cartagena and he is the director there. They are such a fun couple.

Hermano and Hermana Vega are great friends. He is the director for both seminaries and Institutes in the whole country.

President and Hermana Pico live in Neva in the south. He is the Institute director there and we love his daughter Natalia Camila who is in my class here. Great Family!!!

President and Hermana Mantilla live in Medellin and he directs the Institute there. Great people!

Obispo Pelaez and Hermana Pelaez are from the Dorado stake and he is the director of seminaries for Bogota north mission area. He is quiet until he starts singing kareoki. I wish I would have had a camera when he started dancing while he was singing.

Hermano and Hermana Garcia are from Cali and he is a director for one of the Institutes there. He was a member of the Seventy.

Hermano and Hermana Camacho. He is the director of one of the Institutes in Cali. They are such a special couple. We had a special connection with them.

William and Katherine Calle and their son. William is the director for the Institute at Baranquilla. He was the technical assistant for the director last year when we came. He has always been such a great help to us with setting up our office. They are a fantastic couple. They have two other children.

Hermano and Hermana Ospina. Hermano Ospina is the director for all of the seminaries in the south part of Colombia.

Adrianna and Carlos are the newest directors and I forgot their last name. Carlos is the director in Bucaramanga. They are very young.

Jaime Garcia and Hermana Garcia. Jaime is the technical assistan to Hermano Vega.

President and Hermana Gallego. He is our director of the Heroes Institute.

Elder and Hermana Torres. Elder Torres is the director for Tecandama Institute here in Bogota.

Hermano Murillo and Hermana Murillo. He is the director for the seminaries in the area of Baranquilla.

Before we left we took a group photo.

On our way home we drove through the small town of Paipa. I wish we would have had time to walk around and shop.

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