Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Being a True Missionary

As I have looked at this blog, I realized that it looks like we are tourists here in Bogota. We have seen some wonderful places here in Colombia, but they do not compare to the experiences that we have had these past two months. I know that we have been taught so much by the students that we teach and have come to know. Last week when we went with Leonard, Katherine and the others to the central part of Bogota, I learned so much from Leonard. He is such a faithful and Christ-like person. When we first got off of the bus in the downtown area, a few beggars come up to us wanting money. Leonard treated each with such kindness as he gave them a few coins from his pocket. One man showed him his sores on his leg and Leonard showed sympathy as he talked about the man's troubles. Later as we were returning another beggar asked for money, but he did not have any coins left. Instead of saying no, he reached into his pocket and gave them the left-over candy that he had bought for us. I was so surprised that they were excited to receive something so small. He also was very protective of Mark and I as we walked down the street, saying that he was our "Body Guard". Truly, Leonard is an example of the kind of young people we meet here in Bogota. We are truly blessed to learn from these great young people.

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