Monday, March 21, 2011

Another Festivo Day in Bogota

Today, March 21st was another Festivo Day so the Institute was closed. Ivan Felipe asked us to go with him far away to Villa de Leve, but it was too far so we talked him into just going to the the center part of the city and then going to Monserraute which is a mountain above the city with a large Catholic cathederal. The weather was horrible and really cloudy so we did not go to the top, but walked around the city and we also went to the planetarium, but the main theater did not have any shows. This is Mark and Ivan Felipe on the transmillenial bus on the way down. We at least had a seat. Usually we have to stand when we ride the bus.

As we were walking towards Monserraute there was this llama grazing. Mark made the comment to us "Como se llama?" It was kind of lame!!!

I had Mark take this picture with Ivan Felipe because there was a palm tree and a pine tree right behind us.

We were standing in front of the National History Museum which by the way was closed and Mark was not really trying to choke me!

No, Mark was actually starting to kiss me!

This is an area filled with trees right in the central part of Bogota. There are many stores that line both sides of the park but they were all closed because of the holiday. Even though we did not see all that we wanted to see, we had a great lunch together and we really enjoyed the day with Ivan Felipe!

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  1. I love seeing you and dad doing fun stuff together!