Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tuesday night Institute

Tuesday night Mark teaches Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants and I teach History of the Church. We love being in the teaching mode and we love these great young people.

Ivan Felipe, Aura and Hans are working on the Mormon Battalion map and presentation. Aura is a returned missionary who went to California. Ivan Felipe will be going on his mission next fall and Hans just received his mission call to Toronto Canada. Hans will make a fabulous missionary.

Maria, Ana Lorena and Mario are preparing the map for Iowa. Ana Lorena and Mario are "Novios" which means they are kind of engaged.

The Torres sisters, Evelyn and Alejandra were preparing the presentaion for their group. Alejandra just got married this past December and Evelyn is just finishing nursing school.

My History of the Church Class drew maps of the treks across Iowa, Missouri and the Mormon Battalion routes. This one is of Natalie Camila and David drawing the area around Winter Quarters.

Mark is discussing how to make up his class that a student missed.


  1. Hermana Peterson! Hoy vi su blog y es genial!!! gracias también por poner fotos nuestras. Thanks for being such a good teacher to us, I looooove your class! :D We'll see you next Tuesday!

    Alejandra Torres

  2. So I think that the Columbia gene pool is top notch! AKA: everyone is so attractive that I see in your posts. I love seeing you and Dad teaching. Miss you and love you!

  3. Thank you Sister Peterson! I love your class too!!! Thanks for being our teacher :D