Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Visiting a Finca near La Mesa

A few weeks ago we were invited by Hermana Beatrice to her small farm near La Mesa. Hermana Beatrice is one of the custodians for the Institute. She is a very sweet lady and was anxious to show us the small farm she had inherited from her father. We got on a bus very early in the morning, then changed to another bus and rode for two hours to her farm. Another family had rented her farm so we could not use her home, but her neighbor was kind enough to prepare a lunch for us that was typical Colombian. We enjoyed the day, but it was an adventure to catch a bus to return to Bogota because it was a festivo day so all the busses returning to Bogota were full. We stood on the edge of the road and tried to wave down each bus that passed. Finally, a bus came by that had only two seats. Sister Beatrice and her grandchildren were able to catch a different ride back with a neighbor who was returning so we took the bus with the two seats. It was really not seats, but a cushion placed between the driver and passenger side and we had to face backwards facing the other people on the bus. Two hours without a back which was really hard driving along mountain roads. Just another adventure!!!!

The farm was located in a mountainous region southwest of Bogota and close to the Bogota river.

Our lunch was cooked over an outdoor fire in a big pot. The chicken was a little tough, but the neighbors of Beatrice were so kind in sharing with us their chicken, and yucca soup.

There was different kinds of fruit on this farm. Hermana Beatrice is digging tubers called a a yuca plant. These pictures show bananas, papaya and a weird fruit that I forgot the name of it. It is really sweet and slimy. It really wasn't my favorite.!

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